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Biesse Intermac Cutting Line

  • Cutting machine is fine Italic build machine from Intermac.

  • Automatic cutter cuts sheets from 4mm to 19mm thickness.

  • Maximum cutting size: 3300mm x 6100mm

Hantech Edge Seaming Line

  • High-speed Seaming with washing machine.

  • Designed specially for low-e glass

Hiseng Four Edger Line

  • Two fully automatic double edger machine for crystal edging of glass from both opposite sides of Shunde Hiseng company from China.

  • Maximum edging size – 3m X 5m

  • Thickness ranges from 4mm to 19mm.

Cool Temper Jetstream RT Furnace

  • Fully automatic Jetstream RT furnace is of Cool Temper(TCME), Taiwan

  • Accepted thickness range from 2.8mm ~19mm.

  • Maximum accepted size of 2440 X 4880 mm.

North Glass Tempering Line

  • Fully automatic double blower horizontal furnace is of north glass.

  • Accepted thickness range from 4mm to 19mm.

  • Maximum accepted size of 2440 X 3660.

  • Average production capacity of 60 with 0.06 emissivity property.

Hanjiang Automatic Insulating Glass Line

  • Automatic argon gas filling line with sealing robot

  • Max size: 2440 mm x 4270mm

  • Sealing robot - with 2 servo pumps

  • Servo & torque driving system for accurate pressing

Handong Automatic Lamination Line

  • 2440 mm x 4880 mm

  • forced convection lamination line with autoclave

  • High positioning accuracy for multi layers of glasses

  • The accuracy of the lamination of glass sheets is smaller than 0.5 mm.

Handong Autoclave

  • Autoclave with infrared Heaters

  • The circulating fans homogeneously heat the glasses via air convection in circular motion.

 Heat Soak 

  • Max Size : 2440 x 4880 mm

  • Minimizing the risk of spontaneous breakage.

  • Ensure safety & reliability of glasses

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